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    May 06, 2017

    Check Yourself: Get Tested

    Every year on June 27th, people celebrate National HIV Testing Day! Let's join together to educate and encourage each other to #GetTested.

    May 06, 2017

    What is consent? Infographic by Confi

    Consent is enthusiastic, voluntary and informed. Consent is a critical part of healthy sexual encounters and relationships. And consent is sexy!

    May 06, 2017

    Why Masturbation Can Be Fantastic for Your Sexual Health

    Masturbation. Self-love. Tickle your pickle. Diddle yourself. Feelin’ myself. Jerking off. So many names for masturbation—also known as touching your body (particularly your sexual organs) for pleasure. Luckily we have been able to debunk a lot of myths that used to circulate about feelin’ yourself. We know that masturbation, for example, does not cause blindness. Whew!

    May 06, 2017

    Using Condoms Consistently & Correctly

    Condoms are a magnificent way to prevent unintended pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). But they must be used consistently AND correctly. As the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says: “The failure of condoms to protect against STD/HIV transmission usually results from inconsistent or incorrect use, rather than product failure.”

    May 06, 2017

    Condom Conversations: Talking to Your Partner About Condoms

    Whether you’re in a relationship, in the dating scene or somewhere in between, talking about condoms is not always easy. So, here’s some tips and pointers to help start a condom conversation.



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